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Business Strategy Solution "BSS" Specializes in restructuring current opperating companies of any size in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. With the experienced years of knowledge on efficiency, BSS will be able to speed up work flow and cut your operating cost dramatically through our implementations and resources. BSS has its own software programming team with capabilities of designing a variety of applications. Have a BSS team visit your company and help you custom build / develop your next project.

Software Development...

Custom design software to fit your company needs and capabilities. In today's competitive environment, concentrating on your core business is an intelligent strategy. By outsourcing your information technology requirements, you free up internal resources, lower your operating costs, and increase your operating efficiency.

•Customized Enterprise Business Solutions
•Database Development and Migration
•Software Project Recovery
•Embedded Software Development
•Client-Server Applications
•e-Commerce Solution
•Portal Development

Website Design

Business Strategy Solution has designed professional websites for more than 15 years. The main goal to BSS operations is to design a presentable website while at the same time keeping all the proper optimization strategies intact.

Website Development

As much import is it to have a great look to your company website it is equally import that your website works correctly. Depending if your website is search oriented or data driven; our BSS website Programmers / Developers have been developing websites since 2001.

Marketing Solutions...

Marketing is the major source for generating new business. BSS specializes in the management of marketing platforms. As a company owner you are aware that lead generation can hit a maximum. BSS also takes away the stress of having to monitor lead generation and cost per lead (CPL) on a daily basis. All marketing avenues are targeted to your companies specific business platform and generated real time.

•Pay Per Click Advertising
•Banner Impressions
•Mailer Advertising
•Affiliate Lead Generation
•Live Sales Calls
•Newspaper Ads

Business Strategy Solution Programs

Healthcare, Provide Employees with Premium Healthcare at a fraction of the cost. Join a pool including 1000's of other companies to receive a larger group rate. Receive richer plans with top rated carries without going through all the screening hassles. In most cases you will be paying 10 - 20% less than you are currently paying now

Payroll Service, Running your own business involves numerous task for not only yourself as the owner but also individuals helping with day-to-day duties. Payroll Administration can be a time consuming task that could involve mistakes if not done correctly. BSS Partners take on the responsibilities and liabilities and relives this daunting part of your infrastructure.

Human Resources, Have a dedicated HR Professional work with your company; A highly educated and trained HR generalist is available to work on-site with you and your team on HR matters like maintaining legal and regulatory compliance; conducting employee training; creating custom employee handbooks, management manuals, and job descriptions; and other employee management issues.

401k RETIREMENT, Your company will also have the benefit of offering 401k retirement plans to all your employees. Managing a 401k can be complex and time consuming. With BSS partners we take all the fiduciary duties away from you as a business owner leaving you with more time to concentrate on your business.

BSS Company Blog

BSS Partners with leading Payroll and Healthcare affiliates that will allow Business Strategy Solution to offer premium payroll and healthcare programs at a fraction of the cost. This new vertical has shown to be a necessity with current business models managing their own payroll and healthcare needs.

Company Location

Business Strategy Solution
17460 IH 35 N. 430
Suite #366
Schertz TX 78154
(P) 210.330.7443

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BSS Latest News

Screw Compressors Specialist finished project with front page listings on Google for top related keywords.
Coastal Plating Company finished project with front page listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Looking to add more Targeted Leads? BSS has managed marketing of over 2 million dollars yearly. Through our resources and numerious portals BSS is able to get the best possible CPL generation for our clients. BSS includes: Banner Ads, Mailers, TV Advertising, Radio Advertizing, and much more.

Business Strategy Solution is a software development company offering a wide range of custom software design services and IT outsourcing solutions. We specialize in database development, client-server business applications development, web applications programming, and the creation of business management systems.